Meet our ambassador dance champions, Balázs Hidi and Violetta Kis —renowned for their stellar achievements in Hungary and internationally.

Their attitude mirrors the essence of Noelino, showcasing grace and precision on the dance floor. Their amazing and unique style, coupled with unmatched expertise, not only distinguishes them but serves as a true inspiration for Noelino Dance Couture. Balázs and Violetta embody the spirit of excellence that continues to shape and elevate the world of dance.

Balázs Hidi
and Violetta Kis

And introducing our other muse, Csenge Csofcsics, whose exceptional skill and artistry make her a standout figure on the dance floor, embodying the excellence that defines Noelino.

Csenge's amazing attitude, beauty, and humility further enrich the inspiration she brings to Noelino, making her a cherished ambassador in our pursuit of dance perfection.

Csenge Csofcsics