Before the birth of Noelino, Noel fulfilled his design ambitions by making customized dancewear - he has always been inspired by movement, as a Hungarian Cup winning dancer and a graduate dance teacher, his life was previously defined by creative expression through movement.

The most important thing that dancewear and wedding dresses have in common is their femininity and the exciting emphasis on feminine energies. From a clean, minimalist direction to the creation of more dramatic, "femme fatale" style dresses.

For Noel, one thing is important: as the star of the Big Day, the bride must be self-identical, stylish and, of course, stunning. The best version of herself.

Noel Kiss

always wins

Each Noelino wedding dress is designed to harmoniously blend with the wearer's personality, enhancing her inner beauty. We believe that a wedding dress is perfect when the bride's personal desires and dreams inspire its creation - so no two pieces in our collection are exactly alike, just as no two personalities and visions are exactly alike. The key is in the uniqueness - if that's what you're looking for, Noelino is the brand for you.

Noel Kiss, the winner of the "Hungarian Wedding Dress of the Year" award, has been designing and making clothes for more than a decade, but has been involved in creating since childhood.

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